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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for the surgery patients.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOt)

Pre & post Surgery Support Program

Mind and body approach               
The use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy before and after surgery can reduce healing time up to 50 %   Hyperbaric oxygen is the only treatment that allows a high percentage of oxygen molecules to penetrate in severely injured cells.
Multiple studies have been published testifying the remarkable healing of wounds with hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOt). The most important effects of hyperbaric oxygen for the post-surgery patients are:
* Increased Collagen formation & fibroblast proliferation which are critical in any wound healing and rejuvenation process.
*Accelerated Revascularization of ischemic tissues, optimizing cellular level of oxygen and nerve function.  Crucial aspect to prevent complications during any injury or surgery, therefore;  improves post-surgery nerve repair
*Stimulation of leukocyte for microbial control.

hyperbaric oxygen therapy can reduce healing time.

There is scientific evidence   that suggests that pre-surgery stress alters the functioning of the body’s endocrine and immune systems. These changes affect the release of important chemicals in the brain, which in turn may affect wound healing and other post- surgery processes.
When oxygen is under pressure, it acts like a drug and has drug-like effects on the DNA & other components of each cell, bringing about permanent change in the cell and surrounding tissue. Over the decades of experimentation with HBOT it has been discovered that its secret of success is its cumulative effect, meaning that after a series of at least 25 treatments, the body’s tissues have been permanently changed.
Steps can be taken to help prepare a person for a surgery and reduce post-surgery complications, while promoting a quick recovery.
Multiple factors will determine how quickly you will recover from surgery or any injury. (Age, Health, Chronic conditions, smoking history, poor blood circulation, poor immunity, etc.)
HBOt can have a profound impact on recovery factors, removing the barriers to healing and helping to prevent complications, reducing the severity of conditions that develop over the time.
“Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a wonderful tool in a comprehensive wound healing program.”
Our Surgery Program includes:
before surgery. (highly recommended, it helps the body for immediate injury response )
  • 1 (90 min)   hyperbaric oxygen treatment  
after surgery.
  • 4 or 5 (90 min) hyperbaric oxygen sessions.  ( Surgeons will evaluate each case individually )
 “The patients that have received hyperbaric oxygen therapy report:  less pain, less bruising, less swelling, less scars and less down time.”

HBO t is highly recommended after:      
* Plastic surgery.
*Liposuctiontummy tuck
*Laser peels & micro-dermabration
*Fat & hair transplants
*Chemical peelings
*Skin fillers
*Anti-aging / stem cells stimulation.
* Former smokers will have better healing
HBOt  is frequently used for :
*Diabetic foot /ulcers.
*Burns & Skin grafts.
*Fractures & Sport injuries.
*Skin damage from Radiation exposure.
*Brain injury / Stroke.
*Toxic - Chemical exposure
* & other multiple indications

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