Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Our new anti-aging product

Stabilized Vitamin C - Rx System
Vitamin C Ester Serum 20%
This light-weight, non-oily serum delivers firming, brightening and restorative benefits, bringing life to dull and tired looking

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant. Benefits Include:

  • 1) Repair Sun Damage - neutralizes free radicals caused by harsh environments, promoting rapid self-healing of UV damage. Protects the skin from UV rays.
  • 2) Brightener Complexion -inhibits hyper-pigmentation and Lightens dark spots.
  • 3) Healthier, Youthful Skin - Enhances collagen production and promotes to healthier, more supple and elastic skin, resulting in lesser visible lines and wrinkles on face and neck.

      Human skin is exposed to ultraviolet radiation from the sun as well as many other sources of powerful oxidizers, and can very easily become depleted of Vitamin C. Topically applied Vitamin C is absorbed into the skin and becomes an additional "pool" for the skin to use when the blood simply doesn't provide enough. Without the anti-oxidant protection of Vitamin C, the skin becomes susceptible to the damage caused by Reactive Oxygen Species.

Indications: Hyper-pigmentation, (brown or age spots) from chronological aging or sun damage, thisl product is safe and hydroquinone - free.
Applying a moisturizer with vitamin C under a sunscreen protector, increases its effectiveness by 400%, according to the American Academy of Dermatology

This benefit is not only effective in providing a more youthful appearance, but will also increase the rate of healing on the skin and decrease any inflammations you may have. This is how it works so effectively on acne and scar tissue as well.
This unique serum is today's hottest anti-aging product due to its all natural capacities to reverse the hands of time towards repairing skin, aging it backwards, and making it firmer and much more radiant.